Ezekiel 20 Commentary

Ezekiel 20 Commentary http://www.lovingscripture.com Ezekiel 20 recounts the history of rebellion against the LORD by Israel. Israel hasn’t listened to the LORD at all – right from the beginning. Consequently, the LORD won’t listen to the elders. Reading between the lines, you could guess the LORD is waiting for ‘sorry’ from Israel. If there areContinue reading “Ezekiel 20 Commentary”

Ezekiel 19 Commentary

Ezekiel 19 Commentary http://www.lovingscripture.com Chapter 18 narrates the sad events of Judah’s last years of self-rule and political independence. In a little more than 20 years, David’s throne changes occupants four times. Jehoahaz is deposed by the Egyptians and Eliakim is installed in his place. Eliakim’s name is changed to Jehoiakim. The Babylonians have their ownContinue reading “Ezekiel 19 Commentary”

Ezekiel 17 Commentary

Ezekiel 17 Commentary http://www.lovingscripture.com You can tell Ezekiel is writing during the reign of Zedekiah. He predicted the fall of Zedekiah by the Babylonian army. The chapter is also rich in historic content. The two eagles are Babylon and Egypt. They combine at different times to plunder Jerusalem. But behind it, is the hand ofContinue reading “Ezekiel 17 Commentary”

Ezekiel 16 Commentary

Ezekiel 16 Commentary http://www.lovingscripture.com Marriage and sexual intimacy, then childbirth and marital infidelities, Ezekiel Chapter 16 explores Israel’s landscape of unfaithfulness over millennia in a very strong language. Fathered by an Amorite man and mothered by a Hittite, Israel is the product of unfaithfulness and rebellion. Probably Adam and Eve are meant. Humanity is bornContinue reading “Ezekiel 16 Commentary”

Ezekiel 15 Commentary

Ezekiel 15 Commentary http://www.lovingscripture.com Israel is the vine. Her importance lies in the fruitfulness of the tree. The wood of the vine is useless. No one makes furniture with it! The scripture draws our attention to the purpose for which Israel existed. She was meant to bear fruit. When a vine cannot serve this purpose,Continue reading “Ezekiel 15 Commentary”

Ezekiel 14 Commentary

Ezekiel 14 Commentary http://www.lovingscripture.com Just in case we thought we are safe without the physical objects called idols, Ezekiel makes it clear: “These men have set up idols in their hearts.” Idolatry happens in the heart. Evil practices are a natural manifestation of the presence of idolatry in the heart. The LORD looks at theContinue reading “Ezekiel 14 Commentary”

Ezekiel 13 Commentary

Ezekiel 13 Commentary http://www.lovingscripture.com Yes, we have heard this one before. It’s from Jeremiah Chapter 29. The message is the same because the culprits are the same. Probably what we haven’t experienced before is the shame of being one of the ‘foolish prophets’. The temptation to quickly dismiss this chapter and fall back into theContinue reading “Ezekiel 13 Commentary”

Ezekiel 12 Commentary

Ezekiel 12 Commentary http://www.lovingscripture.com Together with Ezekiel in exile is King Jehoiachin. Back in Jerusalem is the great prophet Jeremiah with weak and wicked King Zedekiah. Zedekiah is Jehoiachin’s uncle who Nebuchadnezzar installs after deposing and deporting Jehoiachin. Zedekiah is the prince mentioned in this chapter. His fate is described at length with details ofContinue reading “Ezekiel 12 Commentary”

Ezekiel 11 Commentary

Ezekiel 11 Commentary http://www.lovingscripture.com Of course, Jaazaniah and Pelatiah had other problems, but wealth and social status topped the list. There was something they thought they needed to protect. They were the cream of society. They needed to maintain the status quo albeit at the expense of obedience to the word of the LORD. WealthContinue reading “Ezekiel 11 Commentary”