Proverbs 19 Commentary

Proverbs 19 Commentary By being an honest employee, or by using honest scales in the marketplace, you won’t probably make as much cash as a dishonest and lying neighbor. But that is fine according to the Creator God. Chapter 19 is brutally honest. A man of integrity may remain poor but that is fine.Continue reading “Proverbs 19 Commentary”

Proverbs 18 Commentary

Proverbs 18 Commentary The chapter continues to contrast the upright and the wicked with special emphasis on human words. Words achieve different things for the fool and for the upright. A fool’s mouth is his ruin; his mouth invites a beating. On the other hand, when the mouth elects to host the name ofContinue reading “Proverbs 18 Commentary”

Proverbs 17 Commentary

Proverbs 17 Commentary Chapter 17 begins by elevating the importance of peace. Without peace, all feasting is useless; be it a feast of money, entertainment, pleasure, fame, or indeed any other form of abundance. The New Testament expands our understanding of the term peace. It is more than simply the absence of strife. EphesiansContinue reading “Proverbs 17 Commentary”

Proverbs 16 Commentary

Proverbs 16 Commentary We can paste this: Far better to be right and poor than to be wrong and rich. Verse 8. This thought here challenges the notion that Mr. Right always puts food on the table. Or more appropriately, it challenges the notion that whatever puts food on the table is right. TheContinue reading “Proverbs 16 Commentary”

Proverbs 15 Commentary

Proverbs 15 Commentary This chapter is highlighted by verse 3. “The eyes of the LORD are everywhere, keeping watch on the wicked and the good.” This may suggest that the LORD is constantly evaluating human works. Bad works are isolated from good works and consequently punished. Probably yes. However, the more likely application would be to lookContinue reading “Proverbs 15 Commentary”

Proverbs 14 Commentary

Proverbs 14 Commentary All hard work brings a profit, but mere talk leads only to poverty. Verse 23. I have ‘preached’ about hard work but never came close to being this bold! All hard work? Select the right path or career and work hard. Diligence pays off. This is what we know. In fact,Continue reading “Proverbs 14 Commentary”

Proverbs 13 Commentary

Proverbs 13 Commentary The contrast between the upright and the wicked continues. The scripture is discussing the fruit of the wisdom that the LORD bestows on the individual. You cannot make yourself wise by doing things described here. Wisdom is a special gift the LORD gives. Probably the Book of Proverbs should have comeContinue reading “Proverbs 13 Commentary”

Proverbs 12 Commentary

Proverbs 12 Commentary Learning or knowledge. Actions. Planning. Speech. Thoughts. Attitude. Intentions. Interactions with others. Work. Response to issues. Truthfulness. There could be more but these are some of the elements listed in this chapter that are associated with an individual on a daily basis. For each item, the scripture defines two performance parameters:Continue reading “Proverbs 12 Commentary”

Proverbs 11 Commentary

Proverbs 11 Commentary When the wicked die, that’s it – the story is over, end of hope. Verse 7. The Message Bible. It summarizes the message of the chapter. What verse 7 hasn’t said is even more important. The saint has hope beyond the grave. No saint eats like it’s their last. No saintContinue reading “Proverbs 11 Commentary”

Proverbs 10 Commentary

Proverbs 10 Commentary The first 9 chapters were about lady Wisdom and lady Wickedness. The next 9 chapters will contrast the righteous and the wicked. These chapters are beautifully crafted with contradictions to provoke further thoughts. Righteousness delivers from death. Or, the wages of the righteous is life, but the earnings of the wickedContinue reading “Proverbs 10 Commentary”