Psalm 149 Commentary

Psalm 149 Commentary

Songs are a special conduit for praise. While verbal declarations can be plain and demand logical arrangements, a song, on the other hand, can break all these rules and still flow smoothly. You can also repeat yourself endlessly without boring Heaven.

Add an appropriate melody and you can transport yourself into the presence of the LORD.

Sing a new praise song to the LORD. The lyrics are written by your daily experiences. Each day has its own grace. The compassions of the LORD are new every morning. And so, why not? Compose it. Sing it.

Praise activates your entire self. The body responds in joy. You can dance. You want the objects around you to join in. You can hit and manipulate them in a fashion that produces synchronized noise. Thus, a melody is created. The LORD is delighted.

Praise is a reserved right. It is absolutely an honor. The world should be clamoring for it but who can see this treasure? They walk in darkness; they cannot see; they are blind. On the other hand, “let the saints rejoice in this honor.”

The last verses seem to suggest praise as part of the armory in the battle against the nations.

We are standing on the timeline. We can look backward and see that the nations are still free physically. Could this task of vengeance against the nations be a reserved messianic task? Probably yes. Israel as a nation stood in the place of the seed, albeit poorly.

We are living in times when the realities of creation are unfolding with the coming of the real seed, the LORD Jesus Christ. He is the real owner of the double-edged sword. Revelation 1 verse 16.

“Coming out of his mouth is a sharp sword with which to strike down the nations. “He will rule them with an iron scepter.” He treads the winepress of the fury of the wrath of God Almighty. Revelation 19 verse 15.

Could the saint’s praise be the miniature version of the Lamb’s sharp sword?

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Published by Joseph Malekani

Joseph Malekani is a born-again Christian with a strong PAOG/Baptist background. He is heavily involved in student ministry with ZAFES – an IFES movement with focus on student ministry in Zambia. He is married to Audrey and they have two lovely children.

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