Jeremiah 19 Commentary

Jeremiah 19 Commentary

Jeremiah’s Second Trip to the Potter’s House.

Jeremiah has a mobile pulpit: the temple gate, the city gate, the valley, and the temple court. We shall read about other places like the king’s palace. The word of the LORD must be read and heard everywhere!

During Jeremiah’s first trip to the potter’s house, the LORD used pottery as a visual aid for teaching Jeremiah an important lesson. Chapter 18. In chapter 19, the LORD wants Jeremiah to use the same pottery as a teaching aid. The two trips to the potter’s house are different but who wouldn’t want to speculate and link the two trips?

The clay jar isn’t anymore in the hands of the potter. It has been sold. And in the valley where men and women sacrificed their children to a no-god Baal, the clay jar is broken. At the factory, in chapter 18, the pottery was broken for lack of completeness. At Topheth, a place of Baal worship, the pottery is broken because of idolatry.

It is a strong message that idolatry is a malfunction in the design. The Potter must get it right again by smashing into pieces the wrong pottery.

There is definitely something amiss about humanity. Perversity is ever increasing – creation malfunctioning. But the Potter won’t leave it unattended. Won’t the LORD intervene? Jeremiah 19 says yes, He will.

The last verse has a tone of frustration because humanity won’t listen. Stubborn. Arrogant. Won’t humanity see it for what it is? Are there listening ears out there?

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