Isaiah 4 Commentary

Isaiah 4 Commentary

Is the world so short of leadership that seven women can take hold of one man for marriage? And he, even he cannot marry them.

Yes, they have their own fat incomes, titles, and careers. But a name they don’t have.

The world can bask in material abundance, fame, and financial superiority but still be in desperate need of a name. The prophet is nibbling on man’s greatest need. When Adam’s marriage with the LORD God failed in Genesis 3, humanity was set on a wildcat-kind search mission – a desire for a husband that the LORD mentioned to Eve’s offspring remains unfulfilled.

The Book of Isaiah is a combination of lamentation, judgment, and hope. The LORD God laments the poor state of His creation – humanity. The hope is that men and women would begin to see it for what it truly is. The situation is bad on the ground. Hopeless. Judgment is the LORD God’s holy reaction to ungodliness. But the LORD God’s love intervenes and the LORD God seeks means and ways to rescue fallen humanity.

The haughty women of Zion recorded in chapter 3 and the desperate women of this chapter are one and the same. They will be cleansed by the Branch of the LORD. One Branch whips and scatters while the other Branch gathers and cleanses.

The prophet Isaiah has lifted the experiences of the nation of Israel in the wilderness and fitted them into his own world.

The Branch will be the double presence of the LORD exactly as it was in the days of the great salvation of the Book of Exodus. The LORD shall be present as a Pillar of Cloud by day and a Pillar of Fire by night – representing the Glory of the LORD.

Is the world feeling the heat of the day? Emptiness? Meaninglessness? Nothingness? Pain and suffering? Are you feeling empty even when you can buy your own food?

The Branch is the LORD Jesus Christ. Both Branches. Justice in one hand but also compassion in the other – oozing the Glory of the LORD in everything and everywhere. The very presence of the Immortal God. This chapter particularly underlines the importance of cleansing. It is possible!

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Published by Joseph Malekani

Joseph Malekani is a born-again Christian with a strong PAOG/Baptist background. He is heavily involved in student ministry with ZAFES – an IFES movement with focus on student ministry in Zambia. He is married to Audrey and they have two lovely children.

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