Joshua 19 Commentary

Joshua 19 Commentary: Simeon’s diminished blessings.

Simeon’s lot lies within the territory of Judah. From the Book of Numbers we saw how Simeon’s population reduced from 59,000 at the first account to about 22,000 at the second count. And here we see how Simeon gets only towns within the territory of Judah. Simeon’s destiny has unfolded without the benefit of grace. Jacob had spoken of scattering for Simeon and Levi while Moses strangely omitted Simeon entirely from the blessings. You may want to check Genesis chapter 49 and Deuteronomy 33 for context.

We have the picture of two destinies right before our eyes. Simeon’s diminished fortunes are in sharp contrast with Judah’s elevated status. The end times will see this picture fully unpacked. While the sheep will go on to inherit the full package, the goats will on the other hand suffer total exclusion. The story of Simeon is a warning for us all.

What may not be clear from the text is the fact that each tribe is allocated land according to the measure of grace and expectation. Trade and commerce were important activities for the nation. The blessing that each tribe received envisioned and projected an expectation of prosperity. Some tribes would be located along the coastline for trade purposes. Others lay deep within the continent for reasons of mining and land based agricultural activities. There is a reason and an expectation for your posting. There is a pool of resources at your area of posting to support the purposes of the LORD for your life.

Like Caleb, Joshua is given a portion of land according to the command of the LORD. Acting on the word of the LORD is key and instructive. How many of us make decisions based on the commandments of the LORD? Obedience is measured by the extent to which the word is obeyed. The exam to isolate decisions based on the law of God from decisions based on logic, convenience, greediness and general ungodliness can be very interesting. One basket will be nearly empty. And I know I need help.

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