Joshua 4 Commentary

Joshua 4 Commentary

The LORD commands Joshua to collect stones from the Jordan River in memory of the miraculous crossing. The community must remember this moment of generosity. Importantly, their children must hear about this miracle. It is possible that the LORD would not repeat this miracle. But with this record their children can learn to trust the LORD.

Parents must find time to communicate the many divine deliverances that they have experienced to their children. Children must respond in faith and trust the same LORD to show mercy again. These things are written for us to believe and draw strength from these moments of special intervention.

There is a place for the servants to experience elevation in the presence of God. That day the Lord exalted Joshua in the sight of all Israel; and they stood in awe of him all the days of his life, just as they had stood in awe of Moses.

No sooner had they set their feet on the dry ground than the waters of the Jordan returned to their place and ran at flood stage as before. Other than the stones and the testimony of the people that experienced it, this miracle left no evidence as the LORD normalized everything. That was a miracle by itself. Miracles come for a purpose and once that is done they quickly disappear. Normality returns. The unbelieving world will have difficulties proving such events but they are not meant for them. These events are for the children of God who must reflect on the generosity of the LORD and find joy from it.

A car parked outside may be the only evidence that you have. For some it may be a job, a house or even a good income or a meal. You may want your children to know who the real provider is.

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Published by Joseph Malekani

Joseph Malekani is a born-again Christian with a strong PAOG/Baptist background. He is heavily involved in student ministry with ZAFES – an IFES movement with focus on student ministry in Zambia. He is married to Audrey and they have two lovely children.

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