Deuteronomy 24 Commentary

Deuteronomy 24 Commentary

Rules on divorce are meant to discourage jokers from having a free ride. The union between a man and a woman is serious and is meant to last. Animal-like behavior where you marry and feel very free to divorce and remarry (the same divorced woman) again displeases the LORD.

We have more laws on social interactions. A newly married man should have time with his wife. A period of one year suggests care beyond matrimonial duties of a man to his wife. Commercial transactions should reflect the righteousness of God. Interestingly, the LORD is said to have interest in these transactions. The LORD is pleased when a good is done and it follows that unrighteousness in these interactions displeases the LORD.

Laws on social interactions are extended to labor laws. Poor workers who depend on a daily income for survival must be paid promptly. During harvest, deliberately leave pickings so that the fatherless and the widows can survive on the pickings left behind.

By this chapter the LORD seeks to extend His generosity to the needy via the saint. It is obvious: Like begat like. Like our heavenly father, we should possess a sense of responsibility towards one another. The major complaint against the Old Testament law isn’t that it is old and outdated, rather that it is too holy. But the cross gives us help to pass this very tight exam

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