2 Chronicles 3 Commentary

Second Chronicles 3 Commentary


Chapter 3 describes the temple’s superstructure. The architectural design of the temple reflected the aspirations and hopes of the nation. It also represented the people’s prayer before the LORD.

Two imposing pillars are erected in front of the temple, named Jakin and Boaz, respectively. These two pillars represented the people’s prayer for security and strength. The nation would be established and stay strong because of the worship at this temple.

The cherubim littered everywhere are representing the need for God’s presence in every sphere of the nation’s life. Israel believed the LORD interacted with them through angels.

The design was a message to the LORD about the nation’s view of the LORD. Over 20 tons of gold were used inside the Holy of holies. The nation attached great importance and value to the worship of the LORD. The temple would be the center of that worship.

It would be important to reflect on a couple of thoughts over the temple. It was a symbol of man’s desire to reach out to the LORD. It was meant to provide a central place of organized worship as prescribed in the Law. Yet the Creator God was never confined within the walls of the Holy of holies.

David’s countless interactions with the LORD were never because of the temple. The LORD can be found in the privacy of one’s life. The LORD can be found away from the central place of worship: at the workplace, at home, or even in the streets.

There where the LORD is becomes the temple. Men and women are expected to show their reverence in the presence of the LORD. It should be everywhere and whenever the LORD is found, which is everywhere and every time.

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