1 Kings 3 Commentary

First Kings 3 Commentary


The LORD speaks to Solomon in a dream: “What can I give you? Ask.” Solomon then asks for wisdom and discernment. The LORD is impressed with Solomon and gives him more than he had asked for.

We are off to a good start! Solomon’s love for the LORD is amazing. The LORD responds in generosity by giving Solomon a blank check.

This is what we have noticed on this journey: each time the LORD is happy, fruitfulness returns in increased measure. The opposite is also true. The LORD’S anger leaves behind a trail of destruction. Solomon’s obedient walk before the LORD has brought prosperity. This is a high point.

The Bible goes ahead and gives us evidence of Solomon’s God-given wisdom. So far so good. We all want to pray for such moments when the wisdom from above can translate into physically functional decision-making.

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Published by Joseph Malekani

Joseph Malekani is a born-again Christian with a strong PAOG/Baptist background. He is heavily involved in student ministry with ZAFES – an IFES movement with focus on student ministry in Zambia. He is married to Audrey and they have two lovely children.

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