2 Samuel 3 Commentary

2 Samuel 3 Commentary


“And today, though I am the anointed king, I am weak, and these sons of Zeruiah are too strong for me.” Unrighteousness weakens any establishment. What the cold-blood killers Joab and Abishai did weakened David’s standing. In fact, these two brothers had missed the feast held in Abner’s honor because they had gone out raiding. It is this kind of bloodshed that eventually disqualified David from the honor of building the temple.

This chapter is highlighted by treachery, bloodshed, political manipulation, fear, injustice, lies, and misinformation.  

True or not, the rumor that Abner had flirted with Saul’s former mistress leads to fear and betrayal. Both Ish-Bosheth and Abner combine to end a working marriage because a greedy David wants to get even. You would guess David’s request for Michal was needless after everything that had happened in between. Look at the weeping husband and you will have difficulties in finding any godliness in David’s request.

Abner is a political manipulator who uses the prophecy concerning David to punish Ish-Bosheth and possibly negotiate a good position in the new administration. Had he genuinely believed this prophecy, he would never have installed Ish-Bosheth as King in the very first place.

So many things are wrong in this chapter. You actually feel for David. How do you go about it? You know you are the anointed king. You know Ish-Bosheth is a puppet king holding on to what doesn’t belong to him. Saints have these questions on a daily basis. How do you get what you feel rightly belongs to you? Engaging the unrighteous Abner doesn’t feel quite right. The starting point should be prayer but as we have seen, it is completely missing from this chapter.

When men don’t seek the LORD in their transactions, a lot of things go wrong. It leaves one in a weak position. Things may appear to have gone wrong even after prayer but you are left in a very strong position. Being with Jesus on the day of his trial may appear wrong but you are always on the winning side. You are always stronger this way, regardless.

Of the sons born to David in Hebron, Amnon, Absalom, and Adonijah are important for the role they would play individually in the life of their father, King David. Take note that they are all coming from different mothers.

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