1 Samuel 25 Commentary

First Samuel 25 Commentary


Priest, Judge, Leader, and the nation’s father, the great prophet Samuel dies. Accordingly, the nation mourns. One important era is closed. In reality, Samuel’s time closed a long time ago. The ‘Era of the Kings’ is well underway, save for the problems that the now-dead prophet had foretold.

It is impossible to overestimate the critical role that the LORD enabled Samuel to play in the history of the nation. In his formative years, the boy priest learned to hear the voice of the LORD from the High Priest Eli. As Judge and leader of the people, he crucially won important battles against Israel’s enemies. The book that bears his name should be about the works of the great prophet. Instead, the book gives us details of both King Saul and the would-be king, David. It highlights the important role that the prophet plays during the establishment of kingship in Israel.

By the time of Samuel’s death, Saul was a wasted and fading monarch. The focus had shifted to Jessy’s son. This chapter is highlighted by Abigail’s intelligence which in essence becomes the intelligence and wisdom from the LORD.

In the face of danger, intelligence demands quick action. Abigail is praised for it. Many believers are derided for being too slow.

Our superhero David is not so super in this chapter. He is on a mission to needlessly shed blood. This itching but sinful desire to teach Nabal a lesson is curtailed by a rare combination of beauty and intelligence in Abigail.

Indeed, when the LORD has fulfilled His promises to you, why should there be on your head a heavy burden of guilt of having needlessly sinned? At the right time, the LORD does come through, but when that time comes let there be no such feeling of having committed sin without cause or reason.

This intelligence still rings loud. As every man knows, there comes a time when you don’t have to wait for others to say it. You say it yourself: “I’m a fool”. Your own stupidity shocks you. Why did I do that? If only I sat down to reason out the entire thing. And it is painful. Thanks to the LORD as we all have an Abigail to help us in moments of potential personal foolishness.

The contrast is interesting. On one hand, is beauty and intelligence as represented by Abigail. On the other are Nabal’s wealth and stupidity. It is wrong to always associate wealth with intelligence.

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