1 Samuel 11 Commentary

First Samuel 11 Commentary.


You would wish Nahash the Ammonite was joking. He wasn’t. These times were marked by extreme brutality. From the N.I.V Bible notes, we learn that Nahash had inflicted similar brutality on the Trans-Jordan tribes of Reuben and Gad. His presence on the west seems to be a continuation of the same. The danger was real and present. The victory at Jabesh Gilead is therefore very important.

The victory is very similar to other victories recorded in the Book of Judges. The LORD empowered Saul for the task. The victory is so important and so critical to the nation’s security that the people decide to again confirm Saul as Israel’s king.

The nation is grateful to Saul but not to the LORD who provided the victory. It is a human problem. The LORD is never in the picture. A safe trip is because of the good weather. The pilot is well experienced. The doctor is good. I know the bank manager. It is everything else but God. We can feel it with the nation of Israel. Saul is the man!

For now, wisdom prevails. Saul’s opponents, the fellow Israelite men who have scorned his kingship are spared. We admire Saul’s nobility. Again, so far so good.

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