Ruth 3 Commentary

Ruth 3 Commentary

Naomi comes close to the LORD’S statement that is it not good for a man to be alone. She reckons the time has come for her to find a home for Ruth, where she would be cared for. It is in these times when the parent stands in the shoes of the LORD and looks for a suitable mate for their child. Cultural differences still exist but the parent still bears the same responsibility.

We want to remember the location of Boaz and Ruth: Bethlehem. It is in this town that another couple experienced very similar love routines. As Ruth, so was Mary. Both stories are characterized by a rare and godly purity. A special Joseph so respected Mary that he waited until all formalities were completed. Here in this chapter, an ancestor of Joseph, Boaz would wait until all encumbrances were cleared.

Joseph didn’t want to expose a ‘guilty’ Mary to public disgrace. Boaz ensured Ruth left very early in the morning under the cover of darkness. Her ‘sleeping out’, be it innocent, shouldn’t go viral! It is a man’s responsibility to protect the purity and integrity of the sister.

At this point, both Ruth and Boaz had known each other very well. The question of suitability had been answered already. Ignoring these simple basics, many have lived to regret their decisions. Regardless of the advancement of cultures, the basics remain.

It is said that love is blind. No. Here we see that love is fully intelligent and can actually wait. Boaz is no doubt drawn to Ruth. Who wouldn’t? Ruth is drawn to Boaz. Men who combine godliness and stature are rare. It is a perfect union! But there is a problem. Love has to wait. Love which cannot wait is not deserving of the word. It can be very dangerous. Boaz was aware of another man who was in line to take up the responsibility.

Yes, you love him. He loves you. But he is married. Cut the relationship. Love shouldn’t exist in this case.

It should interest the reader that this godly relationship is taking place during a time when Israel had no king. The time of the Judges was characterized by shocking events and a culture completely out of touch with the instructions of the LORD. The saint is living in a similar world. Will you be a Ruth who decides not to ‘run after the younger men, whether rich or poor’? Or, is there a Boaz in you who will respect a woman, right in your bedroom, because righteousness demands it?

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