Numbers 27 Commentary

Numbers 27 Commentary

Two items are covered in this chapter. First we have the daughters of Zelophehad. He had no sons. The daughters stood disadvantaged under land inheritance regulations. Their case also presented a gap in the regulations. Who takes over Zelophehad’s land? Moses is clearly at a loss. He goes to the LORD for guidance.

The daughters are commended by the LORD. While the scripture answers a lot of questions there are many items that are subjected to man’s input. In this case the daughters of Zelophehad have a rare opportunity to interact with the LORD on a matter that was close to their hearts. As a consequence Moses is commanded to revise the regulations. It is an example of rare courage. Importantly, it is an example of the LORD’S generosity in allowing man (daughters) to direct and shape life’s outcomes.

All this time the LORD is making laws. Moses is simply communicating them to the people. Zelophehad’s daughters remind us of the LORD’S intention to cooperate with man over man’s destiny. The LORD’S reaction to the daughters request is a huge encouragement to individuals who feel that prayer is one way to participate in shaping one’s destiny.

It is also refreshing to see the daughters do what men had lamentably failed to do – ask. Just ask. The LORD doesn’t like complaining. Men should not complain.
Men must learn to ask. The daughters had a request to make and the LORD heard them. They didn’t complain.

Secondly the LORD takes Moses on a trip to see for himself the vast land that the LORD had given to Israel. He was never going to step his foot on it. Like Aaron Moses sinned by dishonoring the LORD in front of the people in the desert of Zin. Now Moses concerns himself with matters of state leadership. He is looking to the future. Who is going to take over from him? How I wish I got clear instructions like Moses? Joshua is hand-picked by the LORD to succeed Moses.

The LORD has reasons for selecting Joshua. He had the spirit of leadership within him. He is not picked for his prophetic prowess or indeed for his military experience. He had all these qualities in good measure. He is picked for having a leadership spirit within.

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