Genesis 50 Commentary

Genesis 50 Commentary

Jacob is buried in Canaan. The procession is significantly large consisting of very high officials. Joseph himself is leading the way. What we have noticed here is that the Abrahamic blessing resulted in elevated social status. While not being the main focus, we have noticed that even in the NT men of low status enjoyed elevated status as they came to Jesus.

After the burial of Jacob the story quickly and steeply winds down with the closing moments of Joseph. He has lived his life already. Now the scripture focuses on his parting. The fearful brothers are forgiven. We know from scripture that forgiveness is a command and must be obeyed without question or even reason. Now we can notice that there is possibly a way to help the process.

The reason Joseph forgives is that the actions of the brothers weren’t independent of the LORD’S will and knowledge. Their actions, including other actions by others, (other than the brothers,) were all part of God’s master plan. The LORD channels experiences and shapes elements of nature to work, “for the good of those who love him, who have been called according to his purpose”. Joseph has read Romans 8:28 and applies it very well. If only we could see the sovereignty of God….forgiveness becomes easier.

Joseph dies aged 110 years. He has seen his great grandchildren. The LORD had mentioned the exodus to Abraham and Jacob, and now Joseph repeats it to his brothers as he spells out his wish concerning his final resting place in Canaan.

Genesis ends here.

In this particular study the LORD has emphasized one word – blessing. We first met this word in 1/28 as it relates to man. In chapter 3 the blessing suffered serious reversals after the fall of Adam.

Even in the reversals we could see the LORD’S mercies manifest in a redemption plan as the LORD speaks of the SEED of the woman.

Cain gives us a picture of what life is like after the fall. His line is given in details highlighting how the ‘evil anointing’ ran through from Cain to Lameck. Lameck openly boasted about murder and is the first known polygamist. He considered Cain a hero!

The LORD would restart with Seth. It is this line that eventually produces Enoch who walks with God. Noah comes after Enoch and he is also a godly man. It is with Noah that the LORD would repeat the 1/28 blessing after the flood.

Like Adam, Noah represents another start. But Ham takes a route of evil and escalates evil to a different level at Babel. The scattering occurs here. Abram is also ‘scattered’ from here. The LORD singles out Abram for another start. Chapter 12 begins with another blessing in the manner of 1/28.

The Abrahamic blessing would pass on from Abraham to Isaac, from Isaac to Jacob and from Jacob to the nation that is birthed out of Jacob (via Joseph and Judah, as main symbols representing the entire nation)

Genesis closes with the holy nation in Egypt. But the LORD had already mentioned the exodus to Abraham, then to Jacob and to Joseph. So the book ends pointing to the exodus (Book of Exodus). Thank you Jesus for your word. Amen and Amen.

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